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No, seriously, what DO admission counselors do over the summer?

We have talked a lot about how exactly summer time is the season that is slowest in admission and just how essential it’s for all of us to relax. Contrary from what may be popular belief ( do you even think we do find ways to keep ourselves busy throughout the summer months about us over the summer. From fabricated things like Chicken-Nugget-Offs and water container jousting to more essential tasks like hosting high school counselors and developing a new method to track the more than 700 university reasonable invitations, hardly ever are we just sitting around nothing that is doing.

This week that is past I happened to be in Reno at planning meetings for next year’s professional seminar. Whenever i acquired back again to the office we were hosting highschool counselors on a tour of California colleges and conducting interviews for brand new admission counselors to become listed on our team. Some schmoozing later, we tackled the job of trying to discover a simple method to gather college reasonable invites, have them to the territory managers and then monitor most of the reactions. This could seem effortless but I can’t count how many conversations i have had attempting to troubleshoot a solution that is efficient. We actually had a nightmare about the succeed spreadsheet we now have been using. (Being an adult is very exciting).

Our workplace continues on summer time excursions to explore Los Angeles and take advantage of all it offers to offer. This week we grabbed lunch at Homeboy Industries and my personal favorite journey was using the Exposition line to Grand Central Market month that is last. Additionally, we now have individuals come speak to us on different topics for expert development. Our last one was about careers in higher training where we heard from three experienced professionals about their career trajectory. As being a young expert, it’s always exciting and form of scary to believe by what can be next.

The weblog staff additionally had a work out on WordPress and is in talks to bring a design that is new your blog! we have been also in the act of recruiting brand brand new student bloggers you multiple kinds of USC experiences throughout the year so we can bring.

While we all like summer, there is certainly constantly some latent anxiety understanding that in mid-August the lazy lunches will quickly turn into recruitment planning all day. A few of us can get new territories, some is going to be completely new to any office plus some are going to be trying to improve the work that is same did final year but each of us will be both excited to strike the road and sad to see the summer go!

Must-haves for Move-in

It is nearly here. That thing you have been awaiting. Planning for years. It really is finally here. College! Move-in day is simply just about to happen, and that means you better begin prepping now. For many of you, this are your very first time far from home, therefore might there be items that you will require to pack that you have gotn’t had to think of. It is also important to keep in mind that you’re going into a space that is small. You do not need to pack your whole life for college. There are always lot of products which you won’t need. University may be busy and hectic sufficient, so keep your belongings light and your dorm neat will keep you a happier, healthiest student. Check out of my favorites from my amount of time in college:

Shower sandals: i’m a bit of a freak as it pertains to germs. You will be sharing a group to your restroom of other people. Shower sandals assisted me feel a little cleaner in a restroom that is communal. You’ll purchase a pair from Old Navy for $5. I would royal vegas casino reviews state these really are a must-have!

Stapler: during the start of university, used to don’t have a stapler and we noticed. I felt like I always needed a fast method to link my documents become organized. I purchased a small stapler and kept it within my backpack and usually provided it with my peers. Truly certainly one of my more items that are useful!

Beach towel: going to school in Southern California means good climate typically! We are happy ducks to have such nice weather right here. Despite my fair-skinnedness, we invested a complete lot of the time reading out on my coastline towel in the lawn. Don’t worry, I used SPF 100. My beach towel also came in handy when my buddies and I took beach trips in the weekends.

Extra phone charger: This is definitely an item that I didn’t have, but want we had. We kept my phone charger in my own space, and usually needed it towards the end of the long day, but didn’t have time and energy to make contact with my space to seize it. In other cases, i’d take it with me and leave it places. My solution: two chargers. Keep one in your room, and have actually an extra in your backpack in the event you will get stuck at the library studying late. All of us know you require access to texting and Instagram at all hours associated with time!

Photos: we know we all have Facebook and Instagram and other means to see pictures, but i believe it is very good to be ‘old-fashioned’ and print out some pictures for your dorm space. On times when we missed my friends and family back in Utah, I liked returning to my dorm to see photos of my memories that are favorite them. Print some pictures doing your favorite things with your favorite people and show them on your wall surface.

Snacks: Make yes some snacks are had by you on hand. Days can be long and busy, especially during midterms and finals. Keep some items that are nonperishable your dorm like Top Ramen, Easy Mac, crackers, peanut butter, and trail mix. My snack that is favorite is jerky. Find some snacks them around that you love and keep. On busy days, you’ll be grateful you did!

Do not allow this list influence one to purchase things you don’t actually need, but these are a number of my favorites. And undoubtedly don’t neglect to bring the intangibles, your excitement and energy to discover. See you in a weeks that are few!

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