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College-level dating classes provided in South Korea

Seoul, Southern Korea (CNN) – Kim Joon-hyup recently continued their very first date in three years. Nevertheless the 24-year-old pupil ended up beingn’t searching for a gf, he had been finishing an university project.

From choosing the best partner to dealing with breakups, the “Gender and heritage” program at Seoul’s Sejong University shows pupils the different facets of dating, love and intercourse. The course is very popular because of its assignment that is dating which pupils are combined with random lovers to be on four-hour-long times.

“There are a good quantity of pupils who come for the assignment that is dating” stated teacher Bae Jeong-weon. “There are pupils that have never ever dated before, and there are numerous who wish to produce possibilities by dating similar to this. “

Such classes could be necessary. In 2018, a lot of South Koreans aged 20-44 were single and just 26% for the unmarried males and 32% of unmarried ladies in that generation were in relationships, based on the Korea Institute for health insurance and Social Affairs (KIHSA). Those types of who have been perhaps maybe not dating, 51% of men and 64% of females stated these were choosing to stay solitary.

A growing amount of Southern Koreans are shunning intimate relationships amid economic hardships and societal issues.

The nation’s general jobless price a year ago rose to its level that is highest in 17 years, at 3.8per cent. The youth jobless price had been far greater, at 10.8per cent for all aged 15 to 29. More…