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Exactly what are the demands for my foreign spouse to check out the united states beside me?

I’m A united states citizen with Mexican residency, planning to marry A guatemalan/spanish that is dual resident. Our company is maybe perhaps not looking for US residency on her behalf, and probably won’t for a number of years, when. But I would like to be certain there defintely won’t be any nagging issue visiting my loved ones (within the US) along with her in the foreseeable future.

If we are hitched, maybe there is any trouble going into the United States together, her on a VWP ( with her Spanish passport), me personally being a resident? Or must she get yourself a visa being a grouped family members member of A united states resident?

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Yes, there may be more trouble on her behalf going into the U.S. later on. Given that partner of a resident, she will whenever you want after entering just alter her brain and you also dudes can apply for Adjustment of Status to obtain a card that is green any moment. It is really easy to abuse. Consequently, the responsibility of her showing that she doesn’t plan to stay is greater.

Some partners of U.S. residents are over repeatedly rejected U.S. tourist visas and/or entry. Some get tourist visas and/or enter on VWP without any difficulty. It depends regarding the circumstances. Make certain she’s got strong evidence of ties to her home country that she does not intend to abandon.

There isn’t any “family member” visa in the russian bride agencies usa. If she actually is coming as being a tourist – then VWP may be the right course, unless she promises to remain for longer than three months or modification status. More…